"It is the process not the promise of a price that achieves a market premium..."


 Creating an atmosphere of excitement on the Auction Day where bidders are given the sense of urgency to bid will ensure a premium outcome is achieved.

To sell via auction is less disruptive and intrusive than traditional methods with your home only needing to be opened at times that best suit you.  As the seller you remain in control of the whole process. 

With assistance from your consultant you set the terms, conditions and auction deadline. 

The undisclosed minimum reserve price is set in consultation with your Consultant and Auctioneer. 

A professional marketing plan will be put in place with your assistance to ensure your property gains the maximum profile within the first few weeks of market exposure. 

With all this in place you still always have the option to accept offers prior to auction.

You are in control ...

Bids are made with no conditions attached. You are in control of the sales process by setting the viewing times, auction date and reserve price.


Auctions remove the risk of discouraging buyers who are looking in particular price brackets. The majority of buyers buy on an emotional level, removing the price allows the buyers to make an emotional connection to the property.


Auctioning your house is a exceptionally useful method of selling, especially if the property is unique or difficult to accurately value, and if you have a particular time frame in which to sell your house. An auction campaign ...


-          Provides complete control for seller - you set the terms 

-          Builds urgency and a purchase deadline among buyers 

-          Creates a competitive transparent purchasing environment 

-          Finds a true buyer with no conditions

-          Option of accepting offers prior to auction 

-         Marketing is the only insurance that you have against underselling your property

-          Focus is on the property and not the price 


We also hold most of our auctions on site as we believe it creates a more emotionally charged atmosphere, and the focus is also only on your property (not a list of others).  However if this was not suitable for any reason it could be held in our rooms.


The Auction method of selling enables us to find the best buyer... not just the first. 



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